Flitter-coated and totally cute... meet the crew!

It's time to get your safari suit on and meet our menagerie of cute characters in the Zoo Crew collection.
This stunning range of stylish cards come with a smattering of flitter for that little added touch of birthday bling! All printed on a smooth, uncoated stock, complemented by cool, crisp white envelopes.
All designs are supplied as a pack of 6 cards. (5.10)
ZOO010 (Pack of 6)
Hippo Birthday
ZOO011 (Pack of 6)
Lion Birthday
ZOO012 (Pack of 6)
Penguin Birthday
ZOO013 (Pack of 6)
Zebra Birthday
ZOO014 (Pack of 6)
Elephant Birthday
ZOO015 (Pack of 6)
Monkey Birthday
ZOO016 (Pack of 6)
Rhino Birthday
ZOO017 (Pack of 6)
Tortoise Birthday
ZOO018 (Pack of 6)
Frog Birthday
ZOO019 (Pack of 6)
Koala Birthday
ZOO020 (Pack of 6)
Tiger Birthday
ZOO021 (Pack of 6)
Giraffe Birthday
ZOO022 (Pack of 6)
Elephant 1 Today
ZOO023 (Pack of 6)
Koala 1 Today
ZOO024 (Pack of 6)
Hippo 2 Today
ZOO025 (Pack of 6)
Penguin 2 Today
ZOO026 (Pack of 6)
Frog 3 Today
ZOO027 (Pack of 6)
Giraffe 3 Today
ZOO028 (Pack of 6)
Zebra 4 Today
ZOO029 (Pack of 6)
Monkey 4 Today
ZOO030 (Pack of 6)
Lion 5 Today
ZOO031 (Pack of 6)
Tiger 5 Today
ZOO032 (Pack of 6)
Tortoise 6 Today
ZOO033 (Pack of 6)
Rhino 6 Today