It takes all types to make the world go 'round

Inspired by having fun with fonts, 'It Takes All Types' is a contemporary collection of classic messages and modern phrases. Stylish and impactful, this range offers broad appeal to a younger audience... perfect for loads of occasions. Produced on an off-white textured stock, all cards come with natural brown recycled envelopes.
All designs are supplied as a pack of 6 cards. (3.78)
TYPE001 (Pack of 6)
TYPE002 (Pack of 6)
TYPE003 (Pack of 6)
TYPE004 (Pack of 6)
TYPE005 (Pack of 6)
TYPE006 (Pack of 6)
TYPE007 (Pack of 6)
21 Again
TYPE008 (Pack of 6)
A Vintage Year
TYPE009 (Pack of 6)
A Whole Year Wiser
TYPE010 (Pack of 6)
Any Excuse For Cake
TYPE011 (Pack of 6)
Beer o'Clock
TYPE012 (Pack of 6)
Grow Old Disgracefully
TYPE013 (Pack of 6)
Grow Old Not Up
TYPE014 (Pack of 6)
Happy Birthday Sweetie
TYPE015 (Pack of 6)
Have a Fab Day!
TYPE016 (Pack of 6)
Have a Good One Fella
TYPE017 (Pack of 6)
Hip Hip Hooray!
TYPE018 (Pack of 6)
Hooray For Birthdays
TYPE019 (Pack of 6)
How Many Candles?
TYPE020 (Pack of 6)
How Old?
TYPE021 (Pack of 6)
Hurrah! For Birthdays
TYPE022 (Pack of 6)
Mmm Beer

TYPE023 (Pack of 6)
Mmm Chocolate

TYPE024 (Pack of 6)
Oldie But a Goodie!

TYPE025 (Pack of 6)
You're Only Young Once

TYPE026 (Pack of 6)
Clever Clogs

TYPE027 (Pack of 6)

TYPE028 (Pack of 6)
Fingers Crossed

TYPE029 (Pack of 6)
Missing You Already

TYPE030 (Pack of 6)
Love Ya

TYPE031 (Pack of 6)

TYPE032 (Pack of 6)
Just My Type

TYPE033 (Pack of 6)
Yummy Mummy

TYPE034 (Pack of 6)
New Pad

TYPE035 (Pack of 6)
Thanks a 1,000,000

TYPE036 (Pack of 6)
Hey Sweetie

TYPE037 (Pack of 6)

TYPE038 (Pack of 6)

TYPE039 (Pack of 6)

TYPE040 (Pack of 6)
Love Cake

TYPE041 (Pack of 6)

TYPE042 (Pack of 6)

TYPE043 (Pack of 6)
Top Banana

TYPE044 (Pack of 6)
Top Bloke

TYPE045 (Pack of 6)
Top Chick

TYPE046 (Pack of 6)
You're a Star