Make sure they get the message!

Designed to grab their attention, on the face of it, these greeting cards have a dark look but reveal a light-hearted message.
Perfect for the awkward-to-buy-for through to friends and family who enjoy a laugh. But beware, these are not the usual greetings cards...
this is Black Mail... you’ve been warned!
All designs are supplied as a pack of 6 cards. (£3.78)
BLACK001 (Pack of 6)
Keep Quiet!
BLACK002 (Pack of 6)
It's Criminal
BLACK003 (Pack of 6)
I Know You Did It!
BLACK004 (Pack of 6)
BLACK005 (Pack of 6)
Take You Out!
BLACK006 (Pack of 6)
Enjoy Your Birthday
BLACK007 (Pack of 6)
Million Dollars
BLACK008 (Pack of 6)
BLACK009 (Pack of 6)
Wicked Birthday
BLACK010 (Pack of 6)
Tell Everything
BLACK011 (Pack of 6)
No Tomorrow
BLACK012 (Pack of 6)
Great Birthday... Or Else
BLACK013 (Pack of 6)
Killer Birthday
BLACK014 (Pack of 6)
Thanks a Million
BLACK015 (Pack of 6)
Murder To Buy For
BLACK016 (Pack of 6)
What's Your Poison?
BLACK017 (Pack of 6)
Murder Some Beers
BLACK018 (Pack of 6)
Offer You Can't Refuse
BLACK019 (Pack of 6)
I'm So Cut Up
BLACK020 (Pack of 6)
Drop Dead Gorgeous
BLACK021 (Pack of 6)
I'm In Bits
BLACK022 (Pack of 6)
Sending The Boys 'Round
BLACK023 (Pack of 6)
Bumped Off
BLACK024 (Pack of 6)
Thanks a £1,000,000
BLACK025 (Pack of 6)
Hey Punk