A much more fun way to tweet your message!

This stylish range of modern cards feature a flock of cute and contemporary bird designs that harmonise perfectly with a palette of natural colours and a range of bold patterns and fabrics.
Printed on a smooth, uncoated stock, all cards are complimented with natural brown, 100% recycled envelopes.
All designs are supplied as a pack of 6 cards. (4.20)
CHICKS001 (Pack of 6)
Happy Birthday Pink Chick
Inside: Have a great day
CHICKS002 (Pack of 6)
Well Done Chick
Inside: Congratulations
CHICKS003 (Pack of 6)
Thanks Chick
Inside: ...so much!
CHICKS004 (Pack of 6)
Best Wishes Chick
Inside: Happy Birthday
CHICKS005 (Pack of 6)
Have A Fab Day Chick
Inside: ...on your Birthday!
CHICKS006 (Pack of 6)
With Love Chick
Inside: ...on your Birthday!
CHICKS007 (Pack of 6)
Birthday Wishes Chick
Inside: Have A Great Day
CHICKS008 (Pack of 6)
A Little Birdie Told Me Chick
Inside: ...Congratulations
CHICKS009 (Pack of 6)
Happy Birthday Green Chick
Inside: Have A Great Day
CHICKS010 (Pack of 6)
Have A Great Birthday Pink Chick
Inside: Best Wishes
CHICKS011 (Pack of 6)
Happy Birthday Dotty Chick
Inside: Have A Great Day
CHICKS012 (Pack of 6)
Have A Great Birthday Blue Chick
Inside: Best Wishes