If you hear a rustle in the undergrowth, be careful, it just might be one of our wonderful woodland characters!

The Bramble + Scratch collection features the wild antics of Bear, Fox, Hedgehog, Rabbit and Squirrel. This cute bunch of forest friends are the perfect way to send greetings to wildlife lovers everywhere - naturally!
All designs are supplied as a pack of 6 cards. (4.50)
BRAMBLE001 (Pack of 6)
Bear Balloon
BRAMBLE002 (Pack of 6)
Bear Cakes
BRAMBLE003 (Pack of 6)
Bear Presents
BRAMBLE004 (Pack of 6)
Bear Ferns
BRAMBLE005 (Pack of 6)
Bear Butterflies
BRAMBLE006 (Pack of 6)
Bear Flowers
BRAMBLE007 (Pack of 6)
Fox Trees
BRAMBLE008 (Pack of 6)
Fox Presents
BRAMBLE009 (Pack of 6)
Fox Flowers
BRAMBLE010 (Pack of 6)
Hedgehog Mushrooms
BRAMBLE011 (Pack of 6)
Hedgehog Leaves
BRAMBLE012 (Pack of 6)
Hedgehog Butterflies
BRAMBLE013 (Pack of 6)
Rabbit Leaves
BRAMBLE014 (Pack of 6)
Rabbit Ferns
BRAMBLE015 (Pack of 6)
Rabbit Balloon
BRAMBLE016 (Pack of 6)
Squirrel Acorns
BRAMBLE017 (Pack of 6)
Squirrel Butterflies
BRAMBLE018 (Pack of 6)
Squirrel Cakes